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"A  leading edge company     providing state of the art data acquisition  systems and systems integration services."



 "Total   Solutions   for  the Manufacturing and Distribution Environment"

Welcome to JAB Products, LLC. d/b/a ALLEN TECHNOLOGY GROUP, a leading computer systems integrator  with over two decades of experience in helping companies   to automate  and   integrate their enterprise-wide data acquisition storage and  retrieval systems! We combine state-of-the-art technical computer  expertise with an intimate knowledge of how your business   operates,   to provide you  with systems to meet your specific needs.

The ALLEN TECHNOLOGY GROUP provides complete turnkey systems including  computer hardware and peripherals, application software, operating   systems, bar  code data  collection  systems, image and document  managing systems and overall systems implementation, integration and consulting.

Our 'total solutions' commitment to every customer includes a   complete  analysis and then  design of  your system, hardware  configuration and software development, the integration of all  equipment and inter-related systems, and installation and start-up. But  we don't  stop there! We  also provide thorough  on-site  training and  include perpetual service and support - unmatched in the industry today!


The ALLEN TECHNOLOGY GROUP provides special expertise in barcode data  collection, with solutions that  include a  variety of  stand-alone and fully integrated systems.

These systems include time and attendance, work in  process, labor distribution, order tracking,  product serial  number  and warranty tracking, and  many other  specialized packaged and custom  programmed systems. The ALLEN TECHNOLOGY GROUP also provides sophisticated  communications software for transmitting bar  code data on RF   frequencies from remote locations, or  uploading to  large mainframe  computer systems.

We are Value Added Resellers (VAR'S) for leading  manufacturers of bar code data collection  & RFID equipment, including bar  code  scanners, portable terminals, printers,  readers,  input devices,  labels, networks and peripheral devices.


We partner with leading edge technology companies to provide the system wide data security, functional operability, system reliability and support dependability to give our clients confidence that they will have maximum uptime.


The ALLEN TECHNOLOGY GROUP offers a  totally integrated distribution and   manufacturing software  system. This package is a menu driven, modular  design with the flexibility of being customized for  accounting,  administrative, distribution and  manufacturing control requirements  for a  wide variety of operating  environments.

The system's design allows all your operational data to be  processed  through one integrated reporting and control system,  making  it easy to produce timely and accurate  reports and to be utilized   through the use of other management information tools.

With a large installed  base, systems implemented by The ALLEN TECHNOLOGY  GROUP have  proven to be the optimum solution to MRP, inventory   control, shop floor control,  capacity planning, order tracking and  distribution control problems in  manufacturing and distribution  companies today.

To  help meet the needs of a variety of customer  requirements, we  are also Value Added  Resellers for leading companies who supply  software for  applications that include imaging and document  management, asset  management, manufacturing, distribution and   financial, warehouse and logistics, data  connectivity, MRP and many others.


The ALLEN TECHNOLOGY GROUP's operating  systems experts are proficient in all  single  user and multi-user operating systems in use today for coordinating the  exchange of information across the  entire enterprise wide hardware and software system.


 Selecting  an experienced, industry  proven systems  integrator can be crucial to the success of your  project,  regardless of size. The ALLEN TECHNOLOGY GROUP's skilled professionals   have the broad experience to provide you with the  confidence you need  in an information  systems integrator.

Give us a call when planning your next project for a free  evaluation and  proposal - and  you'll see the difference  The  ALLEN TECHNOLOGY  GROUP can make for your business.